from Broke Straight Boys

Here’s a description of a new gay porn video from Broke Straight Boys that got me hard:

Bobby Owens is back with new guy Axel Kane, ready to take some dick as Axel gets his feel for the porn scene. As they start making out, their clothes come off quick and they kiss harder until Axel invites Bobby to get a taste of his cock, making Bobby sink to his knees as he pulls Axel’s pants off and frees his dick. Taking it in his mouth, Bobby sucks on Axel’s sweet prick, running his soft lips along Axel’s pulsing shaft as he gets him harder and then climbs onto the bed to offer his ass up to Axel’s eager dick.

On all fours with ass in the air, Bobby relaxes his tight hole as Axel drives his cock into it, raw and throbbing with desire, he pushes his dick in to the balls, splitting Bobby’s ass with his hard member. Taking him doggy style, Axel pounds him hard and deep and then tosses him onto the bed on his back, legs spread and ready to get filled up again as Axel slams into him. Bobby begs for it deeper and harder and Axel gives him what he wants, destroying that hole until he can’t take anymore and pulls out to cum all over Bobby, who works his own load out as he rides out his orgasm!

Enjoy this animated GIF with some sexy shots from the video:

from Broke Straight Boys

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